The End, My Friends

It’s been some time since I haven’t spoken here or on the Gamocracy site itself. I am very sorry about that but I really needed to sort many things out before I knew what to say. Since the previous blog entry I have been thinking quite a lot about Gamocracy’s future.

I’ll spare the details but let’s say that, throughout the year 2010, the working atmosphere in the Gamocracy team hasn’t been so good. Nobody’s to blame really but many things have not gone the way we expected, starting with differring visions for the site among us.

It’s not only that of course, but from the moment working at an innovative project isn’t fun anymore, a lot of what made it appealing vanishes at once and there you are left with your crazyness and a lot of risks in your hands.

For the past three months we’ve been thinking and talking about how we could go on, one way or another. It turns out development on the Gamocracy platform is on ice and will stay like that at least for some time. As for myself, I will stay away from the site and community as I’ve done recently. I don’t see myself coming back to it anytime soon. That said, there are no plans to take the site down anytime soon either.

With Gamocracy going the way it is, I need to find ways to make ends meet. I’m not too worried about it, but I need to go for it full time or my rent will become an issue. I’ve started working at other endeavours that should help me do that. Above all, I wish to remain independent and not become an employee again.

Thank you everyone that took part in Gamocracy, one way or another. It was tough and the ending ain’t the happiest ever but I enjoyed walking down that path together with you.

Now let’s go eat that green mushroom!

Who Wants To Review Shatter On The PC?

A few weeks ago I offered a Doc Clock review code here for advanced Gamocracy players. GODJonez from Finland and Yokiharo from Portugal answered the call, played the game and published their reviews here and here. Thank you guys!

Today I got more review codes from our man Sean, the same who sent the Doc Clock one. They’re for another indie PC game, called Shatter. It’s some kind of modern day Arkanoid.

I got three codes so here’s what we’re going to do:

  • Two codes will go to  people who are willing to write a review after they got the code and played the game. This means you have to be a level 6 player on Gamocracy to apply.
  • One code will go to someone who’s willing to write a rating after they got the code and played the game. This means anyone with a  Gamocracy account can apply.

To Apply, just say it in the comments and make it clear whether you’re applying for a rating or a review. You can’t apply for both. In case there are more applications than review codes, we might do a random drawing or share the codes between several people.

Phone Video: Counter-Strike Playing Girls

Just about two weeks ago I was at DreamHack in Sweden. (DreamHack?)

Going there I had this idea to do a video about the female Counter-Strike tournament entirely with my phone… I ran into a couple issues here and there but here it is now. The only part that’s not done with the phone is the intro.

If the video doesn’t display, try Vimeo.

I used an iPhone 4 and the iMovie app.

The intro was done on a Mac with pixel art software and After Effects. dotsMarc did the visual and my friend Koya animated it a bit.

Burn Gamocracy Burn

We’re on Xfire… and almost choking in Steam too.

Call the firemen and join us in the hot hot fun!

Gamocracy on Steam
Gamocracy on Xfire

The Games Release List: December 6/13 2010

Heya people, this is new! I thought a weekly entry about what new stuff is coming out would fit our Sundays better than a recap of the week’s top Glinks (which is what we had before, remember?).

This week will start with one big boom as twelve million World of Warcraft players enter the Cataclysm era on Tuesday. While Blizzard is planning for huge release parties and invading retailers all over the world with WoW boxes and schwag, people who, like me, don’t give a damn will still have other bits to chew on.

## December 7th 2010 ##

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (PC)

“Your definition of epic will be scattered”, they say.

Tron: Evolution (PC / X360 / PS3 / PSP / Wii)
Genre: Action Adventure

The game based off of the long-awaited sequel to the Tron movie.

Kung-Fu LIVE (PS3)
Genre: Beat’em up

Put your pad on the coffee table, stand up and fight against the game and your friends as the PlayStation Eye tracks your every move.

## December 9th 2010 ##

Castle of Heroes (PC)
Genre: Tactics & Wargame

Chinese hit strategy game hits western browsers for free.

OK well… There ARE more games coming out this week but I’m so damn lucky I think I just broke the database edit tool down by demanding too many useless stupid stunts of it. I’m sure Nomalz will fix that in no time when he finds out. So that’s it, the first release list is a short one…

And I want to let you know about a video I started last week at DreamHack and finished at home yesterday. It’s about the female Counter-Strike tournament at DreamHack and it’s entirely shot and edited with my phone. Hopefully I can put it online tomorrow!