The first testers are in

We just sent our first batch of beta keys. It’s the first time someone outside the four of us will browse Gamocracy. It’s nothing short of a great moment for us!


I don’t know about Morgan, dotsMarc and Rémi, but I find myself past the nervous stage. With the dice now rolling, it’s all about pushing and praying for a 6.

If you registered your email address and didn’t get a key, rest assured we’ll send more soon.

I’m also realizing that many of the people we’d like to see join in during the test phase, I’m talking friends and former colleagues mostly, actually didn’t register their email addresses. And I’m pretty sure some of them are expecting to get a key from the get go. So here’s a message to you guys: before you get offended because you didn’t get a key, and for the sake of our working hours (man, we already have tons to do!), it’d be great if you could register your email address to the right.

That would make things much easier on us because this way, we could put you in the hands of our robot.

See, I don’t know if you noticed already: we hired a robot to take some of the workload off of our shoulders. He’s nice and all.

3 Responses to “The first testers are in”

  1. incolas says:

    thanks everyone for all the feedback and the overall response. we’re working at improving lots of stuff, actually Rémi (aka Nomalz on has already updated some stuff.

  2. Rémi says:

    More Rémi here ?