People with Influence



“Who the kids are gonna listen to? I guess me, if it isn’t you”

says Kanye West

Just because he can’t be right, Influence is a reputation system that helps Gamocracy kids get a clue.

Gamocracy’s Influence algorithm is derived from Daniel Tunkelang’s Tunkrank for Twitter. We’re still tweaking it a bit (guess we’ll never stop doing that).

Influence is measured by (in order of priority)

1 > computing pwnz! received

2 > analyzing pwnz! given

3 > parsing followers

Which can be translated into

1 > How popular are you writings?

2 > Is your feedback on other people’s writings relevant?

3 > What is your network reach?

Influence minimum: 1
Influence maximum: 99

Check on Gamocracy People and their Influence (testers only)

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