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Who Wants To Review Shatter On The PC? Friday, December 10th, 2010

A few weeks ago I offered a Doc Clock review code here for advanced Gamocracy players. GODJonez from Finland and Yokiharo from Portugal answered the call, played the game and published their reviews here and here. Thank you guys!

Today I got more review codes from our man Sean, the same who sent the Doc Clock one. They’re for another indie PC game, called Shatter. It’s some kind of modern day Arkanoid.

I got three codes so here’s what we’re going to do:

  • Two codes will go to  people who are willing to write a review after they got the code and played the game. This means you have to be a level 6 player on Gamocracy to apply.
  • One code will go to someone who’s willing to write a rating after they got the code and played the game. This means anyone with a  Gamocracy account can apply.

To Apply, just say it in the comments and make it clear whether you’re applying for a rating or a review. You can’t apply for both. In case there are more applications than review codes, we might do a random drawing or share the codes between several people.

7 Days and 11 Reviews Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Earlier this week, I told you that if we got to at least five reviews published by the time of the ’7 Days and X Reviews’ entry (this very one you’re reading now), I would give away one EC1 mouse by Zowie Gear. Well, as the title says, we crushed that number! Thanks everyone for the amazing response.

We reviewed old and new games, on the PC, the iPhone and the Wii. Some indieZZZ, some AAA. Games of all kinds, if you can’t find something you like you have to be blind. Check out the list!


In case you don’t know much about Gamocracy:
To publish a review on the site, players first need to reach level 6. Only a handful got there so far! You too can play btw. Click if you think that reads weird

Since we beat the five reviews mark, I’ll give away Zowie’s EC1 mouse, as promised. And, surprise surprise, since we got all the way to eleven, I’ll add a mousepad to the prize pool, just like that. We’re going to have two winners today.

I’m not sure how the mousepad is called but it’s by Zowie Gear too, and it sure looks a lot like the Swift Black one shown here.

That’s when the Zowie peripherals logged on to let the terrible gods of randomness know about this arrangement we have here. As usual, they started arguing like mad. Very chaotic and all. Sometimes you wonder how they make decisions: could randomness be decided by who screams the loudest?
No clue, really, and who gives a fuck anyway?
What I can tell is they decided that today’s winners are:

>> Click to find out who wins the stuff

EC1 Returns, Back For You To Win Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Remember? A few weeks ago I was giving away Zowie’s EC1 mouse here on the blog. And we got a winner. He goes by the name Eduard Besjentsev.

Now I really needed to underline the name. Let me tell you why…

When I asked for his address to ship the prize, Eduard turned me down. Down! He more or less said “I don’t have a computer anymore and even when I get a new one, I won’t have the time to play with this awesome-looking mouse”. WTF. Who da hell?!!… Seriously, who the hell does that in 2010? Who the hell doesn’t take the winning mouse, just to sell it on eBay if it’s not to play with it? And he added “put it back up for grabs and someone else can make good use of it”.

Now Eduard, I don’t know you but I wouldn’t be surprised if your in game handle was “Jesus” or something. I just love meeting people like that: the more I go out and the more I realize they are very few.

That all results in the main piece of news today on this blog: Zowie’s EC1 mouse is at stake again!

** New Mission Briefing **

Even if it’s a mouse that – obviously – enjoys a good clicking, Zowie’s EC1 has a great deal of respect for type-writers, keyboards and the people that know how to put them to good use. Call it peripherals solidarity.

That is why, If five reviews or more get published to Gamocracy before this Saturday, at the time when I publish the “7 Days and X Reviews” entry here on the blog, Zowie’s EC1 will randomly select a new partner for life among those that wrote them.

After what it will travel all the way to their home to become their clicking instrument of choice.

Zowie EC1

Everybody says thank you Eduard!

7 Days And 3 Reviews (again!) Saturday, November 13th, 2010

This week, thanks to two outstandingly amazing people, and me, so on average that’s three ok people, the world knows once more that Minecraft is a 10 and StarCraft 2 a 9. And maybe it’ll discover Singularity, and its shortcomings, a bit more through Nayya’s words.

I’ve been playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare this week. Yes, the old one. I think I’ll write about it in the coming days. Talk about a timely review…

In case you don’t know much about Gamocracy: to publish a review on the site, players first need to reach level 6. Only very few people got there so far! Click if you think that reads weird

PyzzaRolls4Lyfe reviewed MinecraftI reviewed StarCraft 2Nayya reviwed Singularity

Tonight, we’re playing StarCraft 2 all night from home with a bunch of friends… They’re here, waiting, and my main computer is down.

Gotta go fix that. o_O

7 Days And 3 Reviews Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Can you do the maths? Can you?! Can you?!!

That’s almost half a review published everyday, something like one every 2 days. In a year, that would equate to approximately 156,42 reviews published. In a billion years, that’d make 156 428 571 428,57 of them, which is alright but not amazing.

All thanks to you all playing on Gamocracy! And even more to the three players that put their heart and souls into the queen of Gamocracy contributions this week. The review, that is.

In case you don’t know jack about Gamocracy: to publish a review on the site, players first need to reach level 6, which ain’t easy. Click if you think that reads weird

_o_ Please give it up for MrFoxer, XTC and PizzaRolls4Lyfe! \o/


XTC reviews Magic The Gathering Online


Will we make it to four reviews next week?!! I promise I’ll make my contribution. I swear.