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14 Days and 2 Reviews Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Last weekend I was offline doing some real life sports so I missed what I would like to become a recurring weekly post here on the blog, which is an entry listing the reviews posted to Gamocracy over the preceding week.

If you’re not familiar with the site, publishing a review on Gamocracy requires that players earn the right to do so. And once they have, they need to take the time to do it right. It’s so hard that, this week, no review was posted to the site. Maybe it’s too hard in fact…

The week before, PizzaRolls4Lyfe published two reviews to the site. Anyone that checked his writings before know the man ain’t famous for “keeping his tongue in his mouth”, as we French people say.

Entertaining if you don’t agree, brilliant if you do:

PizzaRolls4Lyfe reviewed Heavy Rain

PizzaRolls4Lyfe reviewed Bioshock 2

7 Days And 4 Reviews Saturday, October 16th, 2010

To publish a review on Gamocracy, players need to reach level 6. And then of course, they need to sit down, think, write well and all. Anything but easy.

Yet some do take the hard road. This week, four courageous souls risked their lives and reputations and 18 PP’s:

Super Mario World review by Yokiharo

Team Fortress 2 review by Painseeker

Alien Swarm review by Denzo

Borderlands review by Blueman64